photography is the story i fail to put into words.
this is where I belong -- out here where the wild things are.

Brandi Olson Photography

Brandi Olson Photography

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North Dakota Lifestyle Photographer Morgan McNea 

North Dakota Lifestyle Photographer Morgan McNea 

North Dakota Lifestyle Photographer Morgan McNea 

Tell me about what you love and where you feel at home

I’m all about the REAL and the imperfect, because that's exactly what motherhood is. I take a big chunk of our time together and focus on the connection you have with your babies WITHOUT all the awkward "smile and look at the camera" poses. Sure, we may take a few of those for the holiday cards, but the majority of our session is going to consist of dancing, playing, making weird animal noises, snuggles, and capturing your connections! 

I know how hard it is to forget about the expectation of a perfect photo shoot, but I want to show you how beautiful you are by letting go of perfection and simply being yourself. What you'll get in return is a gallery full of warm cuddles, belly laughs, and most of all--LOVE!
Sound good to you? Cool, then let’s work together and create living, breathing art of you and your family. I'm stoked to work with you, so let's capture your heart.

I could eat pizza every day of my life and I'll never turn down a coffee and a thrift shop. I like a cold beer and I probably swear to much--but hey, I love the LORD! 
My family lives near Bottineau, ND on a cattle ranch--and there ain't no other life for me than farm life! 
As a mama, I know how important it is to capture the stages of our family's life, so could we chat about mama-hood and how I can help ya out for a minute? 
 You want to show your grand babies pictures of you with your kids except, those photos are missing one thing. YOU. Oftentimes, mamas are the ones holding up the phone snapping those cute photos of her babies and hubby, but it's time we get you in the frame, babe. 
...and that’s where I come in! 

I'm morgan. Mommy of two, farm wife, rancher, advid gardener and photo gal.

So you wanna know a little bit more about me?

Music is a huge part of my life and I'm a rocker through and through. Alternative, classic, metal, indie... you name it, it's probably on my playlist.

My favorite thing to drive is a semi. Yep, call me a hick. I can take it. 

I swear a lot. I mean, I won't do it in front of your kids, but it's a huge part of my identity. HAHAHAHAHA

I strictly read non-fiction. I know. It's kinda weird. 


Random      facts about me:

June 19-22 // Badlands

more dates coming soon

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