What Is In-Home Photography? How To Bring Art Inside.

Family gathered around kitchen countertop mixing muffins together at an in-home family photography session.
Family gathered around the counter mixing muffins at an in-home photography session.

When you think of taking family photos you might automatically assume we are taking them outside during golden hour, but what if I told you that your very own home is the best backdrop for storytelling imagery? An in-home photography session is perfect for those that want a more laid back session to tell their story.

Home is where your heart is. It’s where the most important people in your life wake up every morning and go to sleep every night. Where your baby took her first steps, where you marked with a Sharpie his height on the wall on his 7th birthday. Where countless meals, laughs, and messes have been shared. These are moments no other space could ever provide. 

Family enjoying time together in their cozy living room during an in-home photography session.

Why is an in-home photography session MEANINGFUL?

With this type of session, you’re capturing these moments in a place that’s special to you and your family. Your home is an extension of your life and these photos will tell your unique story in a way that can never be replicated. Every family is different. Every home is different. That’s what makes these sessions SO unique!

When to book an in-home session?

Even though an in-home session can take place any time of the year, I love taking more of these on in the colder months when everything is a little slower for everyone. North Dakota winters can get looonnngg, but there’s something so warm about a family inviting me into their sacred space to document a day in their life. And how do we commemorate a cold day in blustery ND?? 


Other Pros of an in-home photography session

This one might be obvious, but it’s super CONVENIENT because you don’t need to pack up the entire fam to head to a location! I know how hard it can be to get little kids out the door on time, but not in this case!  This may be particularly helpful for the kiddos that feel more comfortable being in their own environment rather than a random outdoor location they’ve never been to. There won’t be nearly as long of a “warm up period” because everyone is already comfortable in their own space! 

My sessions are very laid back in order to allow room to let your family be yourselves. Like my outdoor sessions, I don’t do much posing at all. Instead, I act more like a fly on the wall to let your family interact in a natural way with each other. You might be asking yourself–how do we do that? Aren’t we supposed to look at the camera and smile? 

No, friend! I know it seems like a crazy concept because we’ve somehow been trained to stare directly into the camera for decades, but this is a documentary type of session. I promise I won’t leave you hangin’ if you start to feel a little awkward or like you’re not doing much, but trust me, you’re going to be having so much fun enjoying your fam that it won’t even feel like there’s a camera there! 

Little boy and his mom dancing and playing in the kitchen with big smiles on their face.

Why would I book this type of session when my home isn’t pretty?

I know you might automatically rule yourself out of an indoor session for this reason, but let me tell ya…. 98% of us all feel the same way! My house is FAR from photogenic. All I need is one room with good natural lighting. You also don’t need to worry about deep cleaning before I get there; our homes are meant to look lived in. Annnnd let’s be real–children aren’t clean haha! If we need to move some furniture around, that’s okay too!

What types of activities do you do as a family at home?

Do you like baking together? Looking at old pictures together? Putting together a puzzle? Working in the garden? Singing along to some fave tunes? These are the activities that we can do to tell your story.

Black and white photo of two little girls dancing with their mom and twirling their dresses.

At the Black household, the kids were really into making their mom and dad homemade cards. I knew I wanted to capture this for them so they’d always remember it!

Little boy showing off all of his artwork he's made for his mom and dad.

… and baking!

Lastly, these in-home photography sessions provide an excellent opportunity to document your family’s growth and change. You’ll love looking back at these photos someday when your babies are grown and moved out of the house. You’ll take pride in showing your grand babies the things you used to do with their mommy and daddy. Think about the legacy you’re leaving your children by just being in the frame with them and documenting your day-to-day life. I’m lookin’ at you, mama! I know you’re usually the one behind the camera snapping photos of your kids with your phone! 

These aren’t just photos for “the now.” These photos are generational…and that is so so special! {insert another photo} 

If you’re interested in creating art indoors, head on over to my website and fill out the contact form linked below. Let’s create some magic together! 




Parents baking with their young children at an in-home family photography session.

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May 22, 2023

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